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my name is daisy. i illustrate. i like it.
i also make cocktails. i also like that.
"as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention"


Codie Young in Nasty #4: The Void Issue Winter 2014 by Nhu Xuan Hua

Julia Stegne by Daniele + Iango for Muse Winter 2010

Shoes at Alexander McQueen Spring 2007

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2013 Details

Turning up to work late because I was eating chinese takeaway + watching Lindsay Lohan struggle to find an apartment.

Worse thing is no one rang me cos they assumed something dumb had happened + knew I’d turn up. 


Hamda Al Fahim Fall/ Winter 2013
"And she wanted for a moment to hold and devour him, wanted his mouth, his ears, his coat collar, wanted to surround him and engulf him…"
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night (via thelostdeer)

(Source: fables-of-the-reconstruction, via thelostdeer)

oh and having to deal with a drunk girl locked in a toilet, passed out on the floor who pissed herself + had her knickers round her ankles.

hate serving people you don’t like at work, cos you’re in the i have to do what you want position because this is what i’m paid to do ah jeez. 

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